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Patent Resources Group, in association with Management Forum UK Ltd, is pleased to announce that the course “The Art and Science of Patent Searching – Patentability, Validity & Infringement” will be offered from March 7-9, 2012 at the Rembrandt Hotel in London.  This popular course will be taught by Matthew Rodgers, who is the Managing Director, Europe for Landon IP Ltd. and is based in the firm’s new office that recently opened in London.  Matthew Rodgers developed and is a faculty member for “The Art and Science of Patent Searching” offered through PRG’s Advanced Courses Programs, and this will be the third time he is teaching it in the UK in partnership with Management Forum.  Prior to his current role, Mr. Rodgers was the Vice President in charge of Landon IP’s Patent Search Group, where he managed over 90 patent analysts; he is an expert in all aspects of patent searching and analytics.

The course will be offered March 7-9, 2012 at the The Rembrandt Hotel in London, and this three-day course will comprehensively teach how to conduct a professional patent search through lecture and practical hands-on patent searching exercises.

Upon completion of the course, the attendee will have learned:

  • How to approach a search in a systematic, methodical and exhaustive way.
  • How to properly scope a search before even beginning.
  • How to carefully search by ECLA and other classification systems, text query progression and citations, knowing the benefits and pitfalls of each.
  • Both the major differences and subtle nuances in the steps of conducting a patentability, validity or infringement patent search.
  • How to structure a proper and thorough non-patent literature search.
  • Approaches to searching non-English language patents and published applications and non-patent literature.
  • The differences between the major patent search engines and important considerations in selecting an appropriate search tool.

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