PRG’s industry-leading Patent Bar Review Course is already your best choice for preparing to take (and pass!) the USPTO patent bar exam.  But we’ve got an amazing offer that will make your choice even easier — attendees at our classroom course in San Francisco on November 4-8, 2013 will receive our online video course for free!  Don’t miss this offer — sign up for our November course today and save $820 with this FREE access to our online video course!

There are two ways to register for this course and to take advantage of this offer — online or by fax/mail.

PRG is 100% focused on patent law, and our Patent Bar Review Course is 100% focused on helping you to pass the latest version of the exam.  Register today to get everything you need for a successful exam experience:

  • 37.5 hours of instruction time — we don’t waste classroom time on practice exams, which are critical, but are more productively done on your own time
  • FREE access to ExamWare®, our highly-acclaimed online patent exam preparation software, which includes over 2,000 exam Q&As
  • Detailed study plan to help you organize your preparation activities in the months leading up to your exam date.
  • Detailed course presentation slides that facilitate note-taking and are an indispensable resource when organizing your study time and review after the class
  • The most comprehensive level of preparation possible — we cover all topics that could be included on your exam and provide in-depth analysis of approximately 100 questions from past exams throughout the course.

The tuition for the November classroom course is only $2,790, and special student pricing is available.  And don’t forget — attendees at our November classroom course also get our online video course for FREE — an $820 value!

PRG’s Fall 2013 Advanced Courses Program will be held from October 16-22, 2013 at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa in Huntington Beach, CA.  We are offering 12 outstanding advanced patent education courses, including the 3 that are highlighted below.

Check out the full course catalog for our Fall 2013 Advanced Courses Program to get details on all 12 courses being offered, as well as information about the Resort.  You can register online or register by fax or mail.

Featured Courses:

October 16-18, 2013

Course: Federal Circuit Law (2011-2013)

Projected State Bar CLE Credit: 15.0 hours, including 1.0 hour of ethics credit

Description: One cannot competently practice as a patent attorney today, in prosecution, litigation, counseling, or licensing without an understanding of the Federal Circuit’s most recent opinions.  This course will expertly guide you through two years of relevant and up-to-the-minute cases in an interactive lecture format that encourages active attendee participation.  Moreover, the faculty will discuss new cases in the context of prior cases (many outside the two-year time span), thus giving you not only “current law,” but also a perspective on how the law has changed.

October 20-22, 2013

Course: Chemical Patent Practice

Projected State Bar CLE Credit: 15.0 hours, including 2.0 hours of ethics credits

Description:  Are you well-versed on how chemical claims are constructed and construed?  Well enough to avoid an overly narrow, often disastrous claim construction leading to a royalty-free transfer of patented technology to your competitor?  Well enough not to trip up on obviousness over KSR?  Do you understand all of the opportunities and pitfalls afforded by the AIA?  If you’d like to answer these questions with a resounding “yes” then you should attend this highly-acclaimed, comprehensive course, which teaches the chemical patent practitioner how to use fundamentally sound principles to prepare and prosecute a United States chemical patent application in a conservative way.

Course: “Designing Around” Valid U.S. Patents

Projected State Bar CLE Credit: 15.0 hours

Description: This course will show practitioners representing potential infringers how to assist their clients in developing competitive, non-infringing products.  Four cookbooks covering (1) literal infringement, (2) infringement under the doctrine of equivalents, (3) infringement of means plus function claim elements, and (4) prosecution history estoppel are provided.  Using and following these cookbooks, which distill opinions by the Federal Circuit and the Supreme Court in cases from Pennwalt to Festo IX, any patent practitioner can counsel his or her client on how to “design around” the patented invention with almost certain impunity.

Check out the full course catalog for our Fall 2013 Advanced Courses Program to get details on all 12 courses being offered, as well as information about the Resort.

Time is running out to register for the Fall’s premiere patent education event — PRG’s Fall 2013 Advanced Courses Program — which will be held from October 16-22, 2013 at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa in Huntington Beach, California.  The registration deadline is Wednesday, September 25, 2013.   After this date, we cannot guarantee the availability of rooms at the Resort, so register for your courses and book your hotel room today.

Don’t miss these opportunities to stay current and connected:

  • Attend 12 of the best advanced patent education courses available anywhere in the world.
  • Get the CLE credits you need.
  • Automatically become a member of our Loyalty Program and receive preferential pricing for our 2014 events.
  • Network with your fellow attendees and the faculty at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa — a truly amazing and luxurious beachfront property with many dining options and activities.
  • Meet and discuss current patent topics at our complimentary receptions, open to attendees and their families.
  • And have fun!  We’re offering an outstanding room rate of only $245.00 per night, and the Resort is waiving the daily resort fee, just for PRG customers.

Check out the full program catalog, book your room, and register for your courses today — online or by fax or mail.

Several of Landon IP’s leaders will be teaching the course “The Art and Science of Patent Searching” at two different programs this Fall, sharing their expertise with other professionals in the intellectual property community.

Jonathan Skovholt, Director of Training and Information Services, and Brian Thurmond, Director of Patent Searching, will be teaching this course on October 16-18, 2013 at Patent Resources Group’s (PRG) Fall 2013 Advanced Courses Program.  This Program is being held at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa in Huntington Beach, California.  Additional details about this course and the rest of this PRG program can be found on the PRG website.  Anyone interested in attending can register via fax or mail or online.

In addition, Mr. Skovholt will be joining Matt Rodgers, Managing Director, Europe for Landon IP Ltd., to teach this patent searching course in partnership with Management Forum from October 30, 2013 through November 1, 2013 at The Rembrandt Hotel in London.  Additional details are provided in the course brochure.  Anyone interested in attending can register online from the course page on the  Management Forum website.

“The Art and Science of Patent Searching” is a two-and-a-half day course that provides comprehensive instruction on how to conduct professional patent searches.   Topics covered will include:

  • How to approach a search in a systematic, methodical and exhaustive way
  • How to properly scope a search
  • How to carefully search using different classification systems, text query progression, citations and bibliographic information, and knowing the benefits and pitfalls of each
  • Both the major differences and subtle nuances in the steps of conducting a patentability, validity, or infringement patent search
  • Searching non-patent literature
  • Approaches to searching non-native-language patents and published applications
  • Differences between the major patent search engines and important considerations in selecting an appropriate search tool

Both offerings of this course provide opportunities for hands-on searching practice, as detailed in the course descriptions.

The course is designed to benefit everyone from novice searchers to the most seasoned patent practitioner or search professional.  Landon IP’s people are the professional patent search experts and thought leaders.  Mr. Rodgers, Mr. Skovholt, and Mr. Thurmond are all experienced patent searchers and seasoned lecturers, having taught this course many times for both Management Forum and Patent Resources Group.

PRG’s Summer 2013 Advanced Courses Program is being held on August 5-7, 2013 at the Hilton Crystal City in Washington, DC (Arlington, VA), conveniently located next to Reagan National Airport.  The hotel registration deadline is July 15, 2013.

We are offering 3 outstanding courses at this program, and 2 of them are brand new courses:

Don’t miss this opportunity to get the best advanced patent training in the world, with the latest insights that will help you to enhance your practice!

Use the links below to:

Registration is now open for PRG’s Summer and Fall 2013 Advanced Courses Programs.  Our Advanced Courses go beyond the basics, showing how to apply the law to real world intellectual property issues and providing practical insights that our attendees can apply immediately when they get back to the office.

Join us this year at these two outstanding training opportunities:

Summer 2013 Program

Fall 2013 Program

  • October 16-22, 2013
  • Huntington Beach, CA
  • Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa
  • The Fall Program offers 12 courses — 10 three-day courses and 2 one-day courses.  Register by August 26 to get the best tuition rates on three-day courses at this program.

Our special one-day course on the changes introduced by the America Invents Act, including the final provisions that took effect in March 2013, is being offered at both the Summer and Fall 2013 Programs.  And all of our courses have been updated as needed to reflect the impacts of this landmark legislation.

Use the links below to:

Registration is open now for Patent Administration: A Foundation for Success, PRG”s complete and thorough, two-and-a-half day certificate course designed specifically to meet the training needs of patent prosecution support professionals.  This course will provide attendees with:

  • An understanding of the fundamentals of U.S. patent law
  • Practical tips and advice that can be applied on a daily basis to save time and ensure success in interactions with the USPTO
  • An introduction to Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) practice and filing
  • Detailed discussion on patent research and document retrieval

The course content has been fully updated to reflect the impacts of the America Invents Act (AIA), including the final provisions that became effective on March 16, 2013.

Interested customers have two opportunities to attend Patent Administration: A Foundation for Success this year:

  • August 5-7, 2013 in Washington, DC (register by July 26)
  • September 23-25, 2013 in New York, NY (register by September 13)

Visit our website at http://www.patentresources.com to see the detailed course syllabus and to register online.