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When you attend the PRG Patent Bar Review Classroom Course or you order the Video Course, you receive free access to ExamWare®, PRG’s patent exam preparation software that is now available online.  In a previous post, we briefly looked at how the simulated exam environment with an assortment of questions, answers, feedback, and links to the patent statute, patent rules and the USPTO Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP) on ExamWare® will help you prepare for the actual USPTO Patent Bar Exam.  Today, we’ll look at the variety of modes for study and exam preparation that are available through ExamWare®:

  • Simulated Exam Mode. Questions are randomly selected from either the entire database (according to frequency of subjects on past exams) or selected chapters of Patent Practice. The exam is timed, and the grade is posted immediately upon completion. When using the simulated exam mode, shorter questions may be excluded to increase difficulty.
  • Question and Answer Study Mode. Questions are asked either sequentially or randomly (from any one or more chapters you select in Patent Practice) with instant feedback including the correct answer, explanation, or legal authority where applicable.
  • Missed Question Mode. Learn from your mistakes. Review questions from the entire database or from selected chapters that you previously answered incorrectly.
  • Performance History. Results are maintained for both the Simulated Exam and Question and Answer Study Modes, in bar graph and table form. View accuracy and time analyses in aggregate or by chapter of the Patent Practice treatise. Performance history of your study sessions is automatically stored.
  • Optimum Viewing Choices. Click on the best font size option and resize the screen to your preference. Choose multiple windows to simultaneously display questions and answers.
  • Online Legal Authorities. Browse pertinent sections of the statute, rules, MPEP, and PCT while working on questions or reviewing answer text. All legal authorities have been completely updated.

Visit the PRG website to learn more about ExamWare®, the Classroom Patent Bar Review Course, or the Video Course.

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