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In just a few months, you’ll have another opportunity to attend a Patent Resources Group Advanced Courses Conference, where you receive the best continuing legal education in patent law.  The Spring 2013 Advanced Courses Conference will be held April 7-13, 2013 at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando, FL.  Continue to check the Patent Resources Group website for announcements about course line-up and registration information for this Advanced Courses Conference.  We hope to see you there!

Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando, FL.

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The registration deadline for the November Patent Bar Review is just days away on October 29, so don’t miss out on the best preparation available for the USPTO Patent Bar Exam!  This is the final classroom Patent Bar Review course of 2012, and it will be held from November 5-9, 2012 at the Executive Conference Center in San Francisco, CA.  The PRG Patent Bar Review course has been fully updated to reflect the changes to the exam that were rolled out on October 2, 2012, so you’ll be fully prepared for the updated exam content after attending the PRG Patent Bar Review.

The last PRG Patent Bar Review Course of 2012 will be held in San Francisco, CA from Nov. 5-9.

This course offers the following resources to help you succeed in passing the Patent Bar:

  • The most comprehensive level of preparation possible — we cover all topics that could be included on your exam and provide in-depth analysis of approximately 100 questions from past exams throughout the course.
  • Instruction from PRG’s Academic Director, Paul Gardner, one of America’s leading patent law experts.
  • 37.5 hours of instruction time.
  • PRG provides detailed course presentation slides that facilitate note-taking and are an indispensable resource in organizing your study-time and review after the class.
  • FREE access to the new and improved ExamWare®, our highly-acclaimed patent exam preparation software – now online to more easily facilitate your “real-life” exam preparation.
  •  A FREE copy of Passing the PTO Exam on Your First Try: The Latest Tips and Tricks for Success.
  • A detailed study plan to help you plan and organize your preparation activities in the months leading up the exam.
  • A FREE copy of Patent Practice, an unrivaled resource to supplement your preparation and provide further detail and discussion about patent prosecution practice.
  • Special Offer: After you attend our November 2012 Bar Review Course in San Francisco you will also receive access to our online video course FOR FREE!  This is an incredible $820 value!

The registration deadline is almost here, so register now for PRG’s final classroom Patent Bar Review course of 2012.  Best of all, you’ll receive the benefits of the live classroom course and free access to the online video course for later review!  Learn more about the PRG Patent Bar Review course and register through the following links:

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Don’t let a hectic life get in the way of your success. Patent Resources Group’s Video on Demand (VOD) courses let you progress in your career while saving you time and money.  Study at your own pace while at home or in the office.  You can enhance your knowledge of patent searching or patent strategy, and you can also prepare for the USPTO Patent Bar Exam by watching PRG’s acclaimed Patent Bar Review in VOD format.

The following Video on Demand courses are available right now on the PRG website:

  • Video Patent Bar Review Course – Our Video Course is now available through the intuitive, easy-to-use VOD interface on the PRG website.  As you watch Paul Gardner’s lecture, you’ll also see a PowerPoint presentation that follows along with the video.  The Video Course provides all of the same instruction and materials as the Classroom Course, with the flexibility of proceeding at your own pace. You have the power to rewind, repeat, and reinforce if you feel that there is something you missed.   In addition to the Video Course, you’ll also get free access to the new and improved ExamWare®, our highly-acclaimed patent exam preparation software that’s now available online.

Watching the Patent Bar Review through Video on Demand.

  • Methods to Improve Your Patent Search – This three-module Video on Demand course is designed to introduce or enhance the knowledge of patent attorneys and agents, inventors, paralegals and research managers on how to conduct a professional patent search. The first module covers “Search Mechanics and Searching for Patentability,” the second module covers “Searching for Validity or Invalidity,” and the final module in this series covers “Searching for Infringement, Clearance, or Freedom to Operate.” The course was designed and written by twelve experienced patent information specialists with expertise in both English and foreign language searching.  It is taught by Matthew Rodgers, Managing Director, Europe at Landon IP. Prior to this role, Mr. Rodgers was the Vice President of Patent Searching and Analytics with Landon IP, and is a former patent examiner at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  Unlike courses that are taught by competing database providers, these modules are not tied to a particular search engine, a database product or a patent information service.  Instead, the instructor teaches skills that are applicable across databases, both proprietary and public, and without bias toward the features of a particular search engine.
  • Using Patents to Power Your Business Strategies – This three-module Video on Demand course is designed for business strategists, business decision makers, and business executives to teach them about leveraging intellectual property for profit as a business strategy.  The course explores the dynamics behind creating, acquiring, advancing and defending patentable assets.  These dynamics are central to winning the competition for ideas and relationships through which companies derive successful products.  This course, taught by Robert Cantrell, who has focused on patent strategy and intellectual property management since 1993 for companies worldwide, concentrates on playing the patent game.  It is not a traditional “how to” course; it is a “what to” course that presents ideas and case illustrations from which to craft your own patent strategies.

Visit the PRG website to learn more about each of these courses, get instructions on purchasing/viewing a Video on Demand course, and watch a free Video on Demand course about How to Pass the Patent Bar: A Primer.

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Our students take PRG’s industry-leading Patent Bar Review Course because they know they’ll get the best training possible to prepare them to take the USPTO registration exam.

Our final classroom Bar Review Course of 2012 will be offered in San Francisco on November 5-9, 2012.  This live course has already been updated to reflect the changes in the USPTO exam that were rolled out on October 2, 2012.  When you attend our course in San Francisco, you’ll be trained based on the information and materials that you need to know now to pass this latest exam version.

SPECIAL OFFER!  After you attend our November 2012 Bar Review Course in San Francisco you will also receive access to our online video course FOR FREE!  This is an incredible $820 value!  If you need a refresher on certain topics while you’re studying, you can use the video course to review those portions of the lecture.  Don’t miss out on this unprecedented offer!

Use the links below to:

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Did you know that Patent Resources Group offers special tuition rates for the Patent Bar Review?  Learn about a variety of Special Offers from PRG, including:

  • Military/Government Employee Pricing for the Patent Bar Review – PRG is pleased to offer a special tuition rate to U.S. federal government employees and U.S. military personnel of $400 off of the regular Bar Review Course tuition. A government or military email address is required. PRG reserves the right to ask for further proof of employment in applying this tuition rate. Please contact a PRG registrar at 703-682-4860 or registrar@patentresources.com for more information on this special offer.
  • Student Pricing for the Patent Bar Review – Patent Resources Group is pleased to offer its industry-leading Patent Bar Review course to currently enrolled law, science or engineering students at a special rate.  There are two options for the student to take the Bar Review course at a significantly lower price:
    • Attend a live Classroom course or receive the home study Video course and save $500 off the regular price.
    • Attend a live Classroom course at the regular price and receive the online Video lectures (an $820 value) at no additional cost.

Tuition includes all classroom and/or video materials, as well as our Patent Practice treatise on patent law and ExamWare®, an indispensable exam simulator. Learn more about the Online Video Course and upcoming Classroom Patent Bar Review Courses on the PRG website!

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Patent Resources Group is proud to be a sponsor for the Third Annual Patently Impossible Project, a charitable fundraiser to benefit the Dade Legal Aid Society, which will take place on Thursday, November 1, 2012 from 6-8 PM at the Miami Science Museum in Miami, FL.  The Patently Impossible Project is a charity race to assemble a patented invention, and participants will be provided with various parts, tools, and only the instructions in a patent registration. Attendees will have the opportunity to “bet” on the winner by purchasing raffle tickets for door prizes, and a cocktail reception will follow.

The Patently Impossible Project also hosts a Silent Auction, which will include a special auction item donated by PRG!  The winning bidder will receive FREE TUITION for one course at Patent Resources Group’s Spring 2013 Advanced Courses Conference at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando, Florida on April 7-13, 2013.

Do you want to attend the 2012 Patently Impossible Project event and bid to win a free PRG course for the Spring 2013 Advanced Courses Conference?  Visit the Facebook Event page for the Third Annual Patently Impossible Project & Silent Auction to learn more about the fundraiser.

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You can track the experiences of Landon IP analyst and PRG student Chris Casson as he attends the PRG Patent Bar Review course, takes practice exams using ExamWare®, and ultimately passes the Patent Bar Exam.  Here’s what he has to say on his blog about the PRG Patent Bar Review course and materials:

I won’t say it’s not possible to pass the Patent Bar on the first try without the help of PRG, but I’m not sure I could have done it without everything they offer.  Starting with the excellent Patent Bar Review course taught by Paul Gardner, and continuing with the videos, which I used to review some important lectures, and then, most of all, the ExamWare® questions.

Chris isn’t the only PRG student who’s benefited from the PRG Patent Bar Review course and ExamWare®. The following quotes come from past attendees of the course:

  • “Very professional organization of materials, lecture room and slides. Start and finish on time was always the case. All of my questions were answered.”  –Daniel Ersoy, R&D Director, Gas Technology Institute, Des Plaines, IL
  • “I took both the PLI class here in NY and the PLI home course and neither compared to the PRG at home course and treatise. Only after the PRG at home course was I truly ready to pass on my first pass at taking the test.” –John Laurence, Cowan Liebowitz & Latman New York, NY
  • “I can’t afford to take a lesser course. Paul Gardner is a tour de force of patent law.” – Greg Wesner, K&L Gates, Seattle, WA
  • “I have to give PRG a ton of credit for helping me pass!  Your review course and review materials were outstanding and I will definitely recommend your course to future test takers.”  -Ryan Schermerhorn, DePaul University College of Law
  • “I wanted to let you know that I passed the patent bar! PRG’s review course was worth every dime.  I knew all of the patent attorneys I spoke with couldn’t be wrong; your course really is the ultimate learning tool.” -Dave Waters, Attorney-at-Law, Wilmington, NC

The classroom Patent Bar Review is being held November 5-9 in San Francisco, CA, or you can view the online video Patent Bar Review at any time!

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