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Over at “Passing the Patent Bar with PRG“, the most recent post highlights five sources of patent and intellectual property law news:

Patent law professionals need to stay up-to-date on the quickly changing landscape of the intellectual property law field, but where can you get a concise daily summary of the biggest events about patent and IP law? Patent law blogs will certainly report on some of the patent-related news and important current issues, but these blogs usually focus on a single aspect of patent law, such as analysis of US patent cases or biotech/pharma patent cases.  Patent law professionals will need a more well-rounded source of daily IP law news, either in the form of a news feed for intellectual property law articles or a daily summary of major IP news events.  Here is a list of five reliable sources for quickly locating a broad range of current IP and patent-related news article.

To view the five patent law news resources, read the latest post on “Passing the Patent Bar with PRG”!

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