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This July, Patent Resources Group is offering an exciting workshop for entry level patent level practitioners: the Winning Patents Workshop.  The Winning Patents Workshop has been updated to reflect relevant changes introduced by the AIA, including the entirely new §102 prior art criteria which become effective in March 2013.  The workshop is designed specifically for entry-level patent practitioners – those with up to two years of patent drafting and prosecution experience. Through four days of lectures and an interactive, small-group exercise on the fourth day, attendees will:

  • Learn prudent practices for preparing and prosecuting applications that maximize the value of patents obtained for their clients.
  • Develop an understanding of recent Federal Circuit case law, which resulted in claims being either unduly narrowly interpreted, and therefore held to be not infringed, or held to be invalid for lack of written description or enablement support due to improvidently-prepared and prosecuted applications.
  • Appreciate what ought to be said – and not said – in the specifications, claims, and responses to Office actions, and why.
  • Compose and prosecute a patent application in their chosen technology (chemical, mechanical/electrical, or biotechnology), based on a disclosure, prior art, and Office actions carefully created by PRG.
    • The Biotechnology exercise involves an invention of a method for preparing solid-phase viral glycoproteins for use in immunoassays to detect virus-specific antibodies.
    • The Chemical exercise is based on an invention of a method for the prevention of the adhesion of bacterial cells to surfaces in paper machine white water aqueous systems.
    • The Mechanical/Electrical exercise concerns an invention of a dual compartment vial for packaging medication having a short shelf life when stored in solution form.

 Sign up today for either our East Coast or West Coast Workshops:

  • July 17-20, 2012 in Washington, DC (Alexandria, VA)
  • July 31–August 3, 2012 at the Radisson Hotel Newport Beach in Newport Beach, CA

Use the links below to:

The Winning Patents Workshop will be held in Newport Beach, CA and Washington, DC (Alexandria, VA).

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