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If you have questions about the Patent Bar Exam or PRG Patent Bar Review Course, then Patent Resources Group has the answers!  Here are more answers to frequently-asked questions about the PRG Patent Bar Review Course, which you can attend live or view online anywhere through our  Video on Demand player:

Q: Is there a difference in the PRG pass rate between the Classroom Bar Review Course purchasers and the Video Bar Review Course purchasers?

A: No. An equal number of students pass the USPTO Exam using the Classroom and Video Courses.

 Q: How much time should I set aside to study with your Bar Review Course?

A: This is a difficult question to answer as each student has differing time constraints and methods of study. The materials are very comprehensive, yet very straightforward. When you register, we send to you a packet of information that details all the Course materials and how to approach your Exam preparation.

Q: At the Classroom Bar Review Course, are questions permitted?

A: Yes, at designated times. As there is a lot of material to cover, instructors do not permit questions during the lectures, but questions of all types are permitted during breaks and instructors are also available after class for questions. Approximately 1-2 weeks prior to your course, you will receive information via email regarding the Question and Answer format at the course.

Q: If I purchase the Video Bar Review Course and have questions, will they be addressed?

A: Yes. You may submit questions via either facsimile: (434) 974-7330 or e-mail: registrar@patentresources.com. Please note that it may take several days to respond, but all questions are answered.

Q: If I register for a Classroom Bar Review Course, may I also purchase the Video lectures?

A: Yes, Classroom or Video purchasers who wish to supplement their Exam preparation by either adding the Classroom Lectures to a Video Course or adding the Video Lectures to a Classroom Course may do so at a significantly lower price. Specific information relating to this question is addressed in your Course Confirmation Packet.


Next week, we’ll look at one more round of questions and answers about the Patent Bar Exam and PRG Patent Bar Review course!

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