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Chris Casson of Passing the Patent Bar with PRG starts to lay out his study plans for the Patent Bar Exam, while juggling family responsibilities and work:

My study schedule will have to remain flexible, though, since I have a 10 month old son and a wife who works two nights each week as a nurse at a nearby hospital.  Since we don’t have a babysitter, I watch the boy when my wife is at work, so as you can probably guess, there will be no Title 35 section 102 until after he goes to bed.

Chris also shares his thoughts on attending the PRG Patent Bar Review Course:

I should also say a few words about the course itself.  First, there is A LOT of information delivered over one week.  However, the instructor Paul Gardner is very good at preventing the information from being overwhelming because he does an excellent job of staying focused on what is likely to be on the test.

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