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Check out our new blog, Passing the Patent Bar with PRG, to read about some study tips for the Patent Bar Exam from PRG Director Brad Buehler:

“What have I gotten myself in to?” That is a question I hear frequently as I work with individuals who have made the decision to sit for the Patent Bar Exam, but haven’t yet developed a study plan.  I’ve spoken with many test-takers over the years, and I always tell them that knowledge of what to expect and adequate preparation are important keys to success.

Passing the Patent Bar with PRG will chronicle the experiences of patent analyst Chris Casson as he attends PRG’s Patent Bar Review Course and studies to take the Patent Bar Exam.  You’ll see first hand how Chris attends the Review Course, creates and completes a study plan, and sits for the Patent Bar Exam.  Don’t miss out on this personal narrative of one man’s journey through the Patent Bar Exam process!

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