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At PRG’s new blog “Passing the Patent Bar with PRG,” Chris Casson updates us on how he’s progressing with his study plan for the Patent Bar Exam:

Over the last week I have concentrated my efforts on section 102 primarily by going over the slides from the review course as well as watching the course videos (even though the video is from a different week than when I took it, it is remarkably similar because Paul is very consistent with the way he teaches the course).  I have also answered a few questions on ExamWare™.

This week’s post focuses on Chris’s experiences with ExamWare™, as well as more updates on juggling work, family life, and studying!

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Chris Casson of Passing the Patent Bar with PRG starts to lay out his study plans for the Patent Bar Exam, while juggling family responsibilities and work:

My study schedule will have to remain flexible, though, since I have a 10 month old son and a wife who works two nights each week as a nurse at a nearby hospital.  Since we don’t have a babysitter, I watch the boy when my wife is at work, so as you can probably guess, there will be no Title 35 section 102 until after he goes to bed.

Chris also shares his thoughts on attending the PRG Patent Bar Review Course:

I should also say a few words about the course itself.  First, there is A LOT of information delivered over one week.  However, the instructor Paul Gardner is very good at preventing the information from being overwhelming because he does an excellent job of staying focused on what is likely to be on the test.

Want to read more?  Head over to Passing the Patent Bar with PRG!

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If you haven’t passed the Patent Bar yet, do you need some tips on how to prepare for this difficult exam?  A new blog can help you craft the perfect study plan, as you follow a fellow student who chronicles his journey through a Patent Bar Review Course and sitting for the Patent Bar Exam.  Readers who’ve already taken the Exam can compare their own study experiences with the blogger’s journey.  Readers will also be able to interact with the blogger, asking the blogger questions about his study plan or giving him tips on useful strategies and resources.

Read on, and I’ll give you a brief overview of what you can expect from  the new blog Passing the Patent Bar with PRG!


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Check out our new blog, Passing the Patent Bar with PRG, to read about some study tips for the Patent Bar Exam from PRG Director Brad Buehler:

“What have I gotten myself in to?” That is a question I hear frequently as I work with individuals who have made the decision to sit for the Patent Bar Exam, but haven’t yet developed a study plan.  I’ve spoken with many test-takers over the years, and I always tell them that knowledge of what to expect and adequate preparation are important keys to success.

Passing the Patent Bar with PRG will chronicle the experiences of patent analyst Chris Casson as he attends PRG’s Patent Bar Review Course and studies to take the Patent Bar Exam.  You’ll see first hand how Chris attends the Review Course, creates and completes a study plan, and sits for the Patent Bar Exam.  Don’t miss out on this personal narrative of one man’s journey through the Patent Bar Exam process!

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The PRG room rate at Caesars Palace: $179/Night.

If you want to get the outstanding PRG room rate of $179 per night at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, then you need to register for our October 7-9, 2011 Advanced Courses program today!  The deadline for getting this room rate when you make your reservation is Wednesday, September 21, 2011.

Don’t forget — PRG’s Advanced Courses are an amazing value — our tuition rates have remained unchanged since 2005!  And if you’re a Loyalty Program member, you’re actually paying less today than you were in 2005.

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We know you’re busy. We know your clients are pressuring you to complete more work more quickly. But current methods for working with file histories require spending many hours on tedious and time-consuming tasks before you can even begin your legal analysis.

Landon IP, PRG’s parent company, has the solution.

Patent WorkbenchTM is a revolutionary new productivity tool that helps you to work faster, smarter, and more efficiently whenever you need to review and analyze patent file histories. It provides easy file navigation and powerful search, export, annotation, and claims analysis tools that free you to focus on what you do best — practicing law.  And you can’t get these capabilities from anyone else.

Patent WorkbenchTM gives you the power to:

  • Eliminate nearly 100% of your up-front organizational tasks
  • Review a file at least 30% to 50% faster than you can today
  • Increase the efficiency and accuracy of your legal analysis
  • Be more confident in the quality of your work products

On September 15, 2011 from 2:00 to 3:00pm EDT, Landon IP will be hosting a FREE WEBINAR providing a demo of the features and functionality of Patent WorkbenchTM. You’ll learn how Patent WorkbenchTM can help you begin Unleashing the Potential Within File Histories.

Spaces are filling up, so act now! Please use the links below to:

Patent Workbench™ from Landon IP

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